Africa, Caribbean and Pacific states experts discuss hopes and expectations for upcoming climate talks in Lima.
Interview with Professor Elisabeth A. Holland
Director of Pacific Centre for Environment Studies and Sustainable Development at the University of South Pacific in Fiji

What is needed to get a good climate agreement in Peru?

For the Pacific Islands, a good climate agreement in Paris would include the necessary global emission reductions to keep warming below the 2°C threshold.  The agreement would include adequate financial support and access for those countries who are most affected by climate change like the Pacific Island Nations including Kiribati, Tuvalu, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands whose future and sovereignty would be compromised by even 2°C.

What are you hoping to achieve in Lima?

We are hoping that the leadership of the Pacific Islands region will enable the global leaders to join together to find a new way forward.  The Pacific Island leaders are both compelling and articulate on climate change.  My goal is to support them and to work with them to get the needed global support.

What does a good deal look like for the Pacific region?

A good deal for the Pacific region is multi-fold including:

  • adequate financial commitments and implementation of access to those commitments to supporting Pacific Island countries to build climate and disaster resilience for the many climate change related challenges
  • global support and commitments to reducing emissions to ensure that warming remains below 2 °C, ideally well below.
  • commitment to ensure compensation mechanisms are in place to pay for the considerable impact that cliamte change will continue to have in the Pacific Islands.

What does Pacific need to do to increase funding for adaptation?

The Pacific needs to ensure that the financial commitments are in place to fund the growing adaptation needs and increase capacity to access those funds.  Capacity building is needed for all facets of adaptation from accessing funds to implementation of resilience measures.