Africa, Caribbean and Pacific states experts discuss hopes and expectations for upcoming climate talks in Lima.

Read our interview with George Wamukoya - Climate Change Advisor for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretariatto find out what a good climate agreement looks like for Africa and how the continent can use its incredible opportunities to grow and to adapt to climate change.

What is needed to achieve a good deal in Paris? 

As a starting point, every negotiator in Lima or in Paris has to remember that Africa has contributed the least to climate change but stands to suffer the most from its effects. The rest of the world has a vital self-interest in protecting Africa from the worst of climate change. If not, the world will suffer from issues such as reduced food security - Africa is set to be a global food producer, capable of supplying other regions of the world. Population growth in Africa means that if we cannot adapt to climate change and limit its effects, the rest of the world can expect to see massive migration. Political leadership and a united voice will be key.

Africa has a choice? Achieve quick development based on fossil fuel energy or go straight to renewables? Is there a dilemma? What is your opinion?

Indeed Africa has the opportunity to avoid mistakes made during the industrial revolution. Having the right combination between the fossil fuel-based energy and renewables. Technology development and transfer for cleaner energy would be the game changer.

But on the long-term I see no dilemma. Africa has amazing possibilities for renewable energy, including wind, solar, hydropower, and even geothermal. Imagine the potential of solar energy in the Sahara, for example, or hydropower from the Congo River.

Building power generation from renewable energy can be expensive to do, but once it is running the costs are low. It must also be said that there is plenty of potential for rapid technology improvements. For example, efficient stoves can cut the use of carbon, helping to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and children who inhale too much smoke while cooking, to protect forests, and save money.

What are you hoping to achieve in Lima? 

I would like to see elaboration of the elements of the 2015 Agreement and clarity on the nature, scope and content of the INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions)

What does Africa need to do to increase funding for adaptation?

Build absorptive capacity and create opportunities and incentives for private sector investments.