GCCA+ Journal 2018: Innovative and effective approaches to climate change adaptation and other Paris Agreement priorities

journalSharing knowledge for enhanced dialogue and cooperation on climate change. The Sharing knowledge for enhanced dialogue and cooperation on climate change. The GCCA+ Journal 2018 presented at COP24 EU Pavilion, with a forward by EuropeAid Director General Stefano Manservisi.

Climate change is one of the global threats of the 21st century. This is particularly true for the most vulnerable communities of the world: it threatens access to food and clean water, increases exposure to natural disasters, pushes billions into diseases, worsens instability and is one of the root causes of population displacement. Climate change exacerbates poverty and can undermine all the development efforts achieved in the last decades.

EU support works better when is closer to realities. The GCCA+ is one of the EU’s mechanisms for this, responding to global challenges while developing region-specific programmes. We can proudly call ourselves one of the most significant climate initiatives in the world with over 70 projects of national, regional and worldwide scope in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

This Journal illustrates our action on the ground, lessons learned and how local communities improved their livelihoods by addressing climate change emergencies.

GCCA+ Journal 2018

EU Pavillion at COP 24