Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries to discuss joint climate talks position

The African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States will prepare a strong and united negotiating position when they gather in Brussels on October 28th to discuss the next round of UNFCCC climate negotiations in Peru.

Scheduled for December 1st to 12th, the COP 20 Lima climate talks are a priority for the countries, many of whom are already experiencing a range of severe and diverse climate change effects on their environments. These impacts are expected to increase in the future.

“Climate change carries enormous social and economic risks for the ACP Group of countries,” said Dr Pendo Maro, Technical Adviser to the ACP Secretariat – GCCA Intra-ACP Programme. “For some countries, climate change is an existential threat.”

“This Brussels meeting will facilitate an exchange of views among the ACP Member States and their partners in order to agree on a common ACP position paper for COP20,” she said, noting that the ultimate goal is a strong agreement in Paris 2015 to limit the extent and effects of climate change.

ACP diplomats will be joined by European officials and scientists when they meet for two days in Brussels, ahead of COP20 in Lima.

More than half of ACP countries are Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS) have contributed the least to climate change but are expected to pay the highest price from its impacts.

By stressing water supply and food production, climate change effects are already hampering progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

At a recent UN Climate Summit in New York, world leaders sent a strong political signal on the need to reach a global climate deal when they meet next year in Paris. Formally recognizing the scientific reality of climate change, many announced unilateral actions to help address the impacts of climate change and build a resilient future.

“The UN Climate Summit echoes the urgency to address climate change as an imperative to foster sustainable development and achieve poverty eradication. Action is now required,” said Mr. Achille Bassilekin III, Assistant Secretary-General, Sustainable Economic Development and Trade Department of the ACP Secretariat.


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