GCCA+ Regional Conference in Rwanda, 15-18 October 2019

Climate Smart Africa: Harnessing Growth and Protecting the Gains

The GCCA+ will host a regional climate change conference in Kigali, Rwanda, on 15-18 October 2019, bringing together climate change project managers, policy experts and decision makers to consider how and adaptation and ecosystem based approaches, sustainable landscapes, and systemic approaches to NDCs and climate finance could help to unlock growth and long-term development for African countries.

The objectives of this conference are to explore pressing issues that will impact the ability of African countries to achieve economic growth that is environmentally and socially inclusive and to showcase GCCA+ projects across the continent and in Rwanda, as well as promoting their learnings in a community of practice and informing ongoing strategic discussions around the delivery of EU funded climate assistance in Africa (and beyond).




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Presentations : 

15.10 Welcoming
15.10 Slido
16.10 Session 1. CHARLES KARANGWA NbS Presentation
16.10 Session 1. LUIS SANCHEZ Evidence Gap Map
16.10 Session 2. BARTHELEMY NDONGSON -Cameroun
16.10 Session 2. RAFAEL MOSER - UNCDF LoCAL - Finance
16.10 Session 2. THOMAS SBERNA Toward a blue future
16.10 Session 2. ROBERTO ZOLHO - Forestry Approarch in Mozambique 
17.10 Session 3. Technical. FRED MUGISHA Kigali Master Plan
17.10 Session 3. Technical. HERMAN PADONOU - Présentation démarches du Planerzou à Kigali
17.10 Session 3. Technical. MICHEL HOUNDJO - GCCA+ PPED Tsevie
17.10 Session 3. Political. ATROKPO - Message du Président de la CCZ a la Conference Regionale de l'AMCC+
17.10 Session 3. Political. ETSE KODJO KADEVI - Présentation Préfet Kigali
17.10 Session 3. Political. SALECK AHMED CHERIF Présentation AREDDUN Nouakchott
17.10 Session 4. LUCY SSENDI Kigali Final -LIFE AR powerful tool to implemnet NDCs
17.10 Session 5. JANE WILKINSON - finance summary
17.10 Session 5. KARL ARIBEB GCCA Africa Conference Presentation
17.10 Session 5. LUCY SSEND - Kigali Final -LCFI Presentation
17.10 Session 5. RAFAEL MOSER UNCDF LoCAL - Finance
17.10 Session 7. GCCA SF